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Golf Chipping Tips

Some interesting chipping tips

The short game is to golf, what location is to real estate! Your chances of playing well, scoring and having fun rise dramatically with a good short game. Golf Chipping Tips is dedicated to helping you develop your technique and touch. With such a wide variety of styles and chipping tips available online, it’s hard to choose one and stick with it. What we will do is offer the basic fundamentals, the things that all great chippers have in common. Whether they swing it long or short, stand tall or more over the ball, there are a few things you will find with every great chipper.

Grip It And Chip It!

Popularized by the great John Daly, most every golfer has heard the phrase “grip it and rip it!” The problem with this is that most amateurs assume that John intends to grip the club tight and swing as hard as he can. Nothing can be further from the truth. It you look at John’s swing, there is a suppleness to his body and hands that can only be achieved through a relaxed readiness.

When you are chipping, your objective is to hit the ball a short distance. Why would you strangle the club? We know this because, when chipping, the majority of players miss the ball fat. If you are one of them, relax. Go to the range and start with a grip that seems too relaxed. Practice your grip pressure until you get a consistently solid strike. Simple! This will help you create sensitivity in your hands which will create touch that will translate into the rest of your game!

Let Your Arms Hang

If your arms are bunched up or straight and stiff, you will never strike the ball solidly! With your grip and your arms relaxed, you should feel like your wedge is hanging just a smidgen above the ground – not the grass, the ground. In other words, your club can and should be in contact with the grass but not the ground. This will insure a solid, consistent strike.

The Hole Is Not Your Target!

Every great chipper picks a landing point. In different kinds of words, they ask themselves, “Where do I need my ball to land?” Make your target a spot on the green where you want your ball to land. When you go to the chipping green, pick a hole and take aim at a spot you think you need to land your ball. Keep working until you find the spot. Do this to the same hole with three different clubs. Ideally the lob wedge, sand wedge and 8 iron. This drill will help you learn about the different types of shots you can hit and it will develop your touch like no other drill there is!

In real estate, the mantra we always saying is “Location, location, location!” In golf and chipping, it is “Practice, practice, practice!” So hit the range and have fun! Remember these three golf chipping tips and you will be amazed at how quickly you will improve. selecting best golf grip

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